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Braking was born in 1990 starting to produce and distribute after-market brake discs between a mix of passion, adrenaline and innovation!

In collaboration with the best teams and technicians eight years later he launched his first Disc Wave in a trial competition, a brake disc that will be the beginning of an iconic product for the brand.

The continued presence and collaboration in the World Speed Championships, Offroad and Supermoto takes them to reach the 25 world titles in 2000 and to present its first disc Wave Braking afrer-market for all kinds of bikes.

In 2005 Kawasaki introduced Braking Brake Discs as an original component in its road applications and over the following years introduced new and preforming products including the fully adjustable Radial Brake Master Cylinder, the Radial Clutch Master Cylinder and the Racing Compound Brake Pads.

In 2021 he is on the podium for the 128th time and tries to renew himself to seek new quality standards, overcome limits and reach new records in world competitions and on everyday bikes.

Braking is technology and qulity. Technology for making dreams accessible. Quality for making them long lasting.

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Showing 1 - 20 of 3178 items