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Its history since the early years has been characterized by countless successes related to sporting competitions, just think of the enduro world championship achieved in 1985 with the pilot Muraglia in 1985 and the European titles of the years 1983 and 1984.
The maximum production of ACCOSSATO motorcycles was 800 units per year divided between 80 and 50cc displacements, in the last period of activity the 125cc displacement was also achieved. The peculiarity of these bikes is that they were not in step with the times, but more ahead, just think that the ACCOSSATO bikes were the only ones with Kawasaki to have been presented at the Motorcycle Show with the aluminum swingarm instead of steel; and that the bike that won the World Championship as well as having most of the parts produced in house had the same engine produced inside.
In the last years of its activity, the ACCOSSATO company, manufacturer of the motorcycles of the same name, began, growing year by year, the production of parts for companies in the sector and the first customer with whom a collaboration was started was APRILIA with whom even today they can boast over forty years of collaboration.

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Showing 1 - 20 of 1895 items