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It entered the motorcycle market in 1975 with its famous pair of shock absorbers connected by two rubber compensating tubes, hence the name Bitubo.

To each his own suspension!

Thanks to its expertise, Bitubo is able to create specific Motorcycle Suspensions for the customer by indicating the weight of the rider, passenger, luggage, if I use racing, road, off-road: the technical staff will prepare a personalized and dedicated setting based on the data provided. .

Bitubo has competitions in its DNA!

The over 50 years of experience in competition fields all over the world and in many sectors has brought its expertise to high levels.

Bitubo's mission has always been to offer the best in technology and innovation to meet the demands that the motorcycle market requires.

The vast catalog offers thousands of applications, among the most famous products are the EBH Pressurized Cartridges developed with some of the best SBK teams, the JBH Cartridges which are the perfect upgrade to improve standard performance.

For precise control of the front end, it offers the SSW Steering Damper with pressurized coaxial chamber.

the racing-derived XXF and XXZ Rear Shock Absorbers that represent the top of the range while the XZE is the perfect upgrade for your bike.

Bitubo for custom and cafe racer offers WMBWME, WMT Shock Absorbers to improve comfort and stability.

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Showing 1 - 20 of 638 items